What We Can Do For You

Privacy: Privacy’s dead? Hardly. Let our firm deal with the privacy challenges, whether in product design or in the protection of your individual information online and off.

Internet: An ever evolving area of the law, issues with websites, domain names, mobile applications and network management keep changing as new technology develops. Like our clients, we strive to stay on the cutting edge.

Online Harassment & Digital Abuse: Our firm works with victims to protect them from cyber exploitation, defamation, digital abuse, harassment and non-consensual pornography by assisting with protection and content removal.

Startups: We have advised them, and we started a company ourselves (That's us). We love startups. Our firm is committed to taking our clients from two developers in a garage to vital and sustainable businesses. Some of our featured offerings include: Financing-Seed/Angel/Venture/PE and Securities Regulation.

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Corporate Affairs: Addressing all of your corporate needs: corporate formation, business model advisement, contracts, independent contractors and strategic partnerships.

Intellectual Property: Intellectual Property includes protections critical to your content, brand and projects such as copyrights, patents, trademarks and means to protect trade secrets.

Virtual Currency/ICO Advisory Services: Bitcoin. Blockchain. Ethereum. Advisement of ICO platform development companies, startups seeking to ICO. Full-service compliance services.

Gaming: The video game industry raises many legal questions and the emerging field of social gaming continues to push the boundaries of the law. Whether your game designed for mobile, gaming consoles or PCs, our firm offers a suite of intellectual property services that will help you protect it.

Regulatory Affairs: Guiding clients through federal and state regulation. Specializing in consumer rights, privacy and communications.

Entertainment: We offer comprehensive advice regarding copyrights to ensure our clients protect their respective projects. We also offer contract negotiation representation to make sure our clients get the best deal from studios and labels. We have worked with a host of independent film makers and help our clients trailblaze in areas like digital distribution.

Tax: State, federal and international tax law advisement, wills and trusts, estates and succession. Services for small business and corporate clients.

Fashion: We work with all facets of the fashion industry, including designer, retailers, fashion apps and bloggers.

Communications: State and federal regulatory practice in both domestic and international matters. Counseling Internet, e-commerce and other technology-based businesses with state and federal regulatory, transactional and related corporate needs.

Non-Profits: You have the drive to help people. We have knowledge and expertise on how to get non-profit organizations up and running. We can help you with forming the non-profit corporation, applying for tax exempt status and managing your new organization